Adam, Simon and Adrien put their three heads together and get themselves into a real Jam!

Check out the Three Heads are Better than One Video on YouTube! SCRIPT:

Adam: Way to go, Mr. Mad Scientist!

Adrien: What? You’re blaming me for this?! Adam: It was your fault to begin with!

Simon: Mm-hm, no argument there.

Adrien: Well, what do you want me to do about it?!

Simon: Well, it was your experiment, then you messed up, now you got to fix this.

Adrien: ….. Do you have any idea how difficult that would be…?

Adam: Don’t give us excuses! Just fix this!

Simon: ‘Nuff said.

Adrien: Alright, fine. Just give me some time, I’ll think of something.

Adam: Yeah well hurry up! I don’t want to live like this forever!

Simon: Same goes for me.

Adrien: Oh, yeah? Well, when YOU think of a way to separate us, why don’t you tell me then, so I can do it?!

CLOCK: You humans are certainly a weird bunch. Pause – all three look up at the clock

Adam: I really don’t want to be stuck like this any more.

Simon: Perhaps this would be a good time to find a way to separate us, Adrien.

Adrien: Ah…. Right.

©2012 Jerry Boutot III Visit Simon and Adrien on Facebook!

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