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Adam tells a story to Adrien, but is that all it is? Just a story, or something more perhaps?


Adrien: You know what? If there’s one thing that I hate, it’s when people genuinely try to scare you. Just to get a laugh out of it.

Adam: Yeah, that’s never fun.

Adam: Hey, speaking of which, want to hear a story?

Adrien: A story? You’re not gonna try to give me nightmares are you?

Adam: Oh relax. Trust me, you’ll love this one.

Adam: Years ago, there was a man, a man named Theodore. In life, Theodore was a fruit vendor, but no one would buy his fruit.

Man: Uh, you do realize this is all rotten right?

Adam: One day, however, he met an evil spirit who promised to help sell the fruit.

Demon: Trust me man, this stuff is awesome man!

Adam: Turns out however, that once he made the deal, Theodore was cursed by the spirit.

Demon: Wow, you MUST be desperate if you’re willing to make a bad deal with a demon!

Adam: And now, as a ghost, Theodore continues to sell his fruit, despite the fact that no one can see him.

Theodore: Ohhh bananaaaahh

Man: I wonder where that fruit vendor went?

Adam: There is ONE way to see him however. And that, Adrien, is to use…a mirror! So long as you’re standing in front of a mirror, then Theodore becomes visible on the mirror’s reflective surface!

Adrien: ……

Adrien: You either have quite the imagination, or the stories keep getting more ridiculous.

Adam: What can I say? It’s a living.

Later, that night.

Adrien: Zzzzzz…Zzzzzz…Zzzzzz


Adrien: Wh…what was that?

Theodore: Bananaaaaaaahhh…


Adrien: I don’t believe this! Someone broke into my house!

Adrien: Alright you! Come out with your hands up! I’ve got a bat and I’m not afraid to use it!

Adrien: Come out, or I’m gonna-!

Theodore: Bananaaaaahh…

Theodore: Ohh Bananaaaahhh…

Later, at Adams’ place.

Adam: So, you “saw” Theodore’s ghost in your mirror, freaked out, and then came here.

Adrien: ……….Uh-huh…

Adam: *sigh* …. Adrien…it was just a STORY. It’s not real. There are no such things as ghosts.

Adam: Now then, will you please go home? Because, if word of this gets out, I don’t want people to think you and I are-


Adam: Um, what was that?

Adrien: Please don’t be here, please don’t be here, please don’t be he-.

Theodore: Bananaaahhh…

Adam/Adrien: AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!

Later, at Simon’s Place.

Simon: Do I really need to know?

Adam/Adrien: NO!

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