Adrien takes a vile of blue liquid and drinks it, saying that it is a cure for everything… or is it?


Adrien: Alright. listen, for in this very vile, may be the cure for just about anything. All anyone has to do is drink it.

Simon: Really? That’s incredible.

Adam: Aren’t you gonna test it first? To check for side effects or anything?

Adrien: Of course. *gulp* *gulp*

Simon: *THINKING*: He’s gonna drink it all? Is that really a good idea?

Adam: *THINKING* : I’m hungry.

Adrien: Now, we’ll see what happens in half an hour.


Adrien: OOOOHHH!!!!! None of you have any idea of how much pain I’m in now! OOOHHHH!!!!!

Simon: Don’t worry, Adrien. I’m sure it will end soon.

Adam: Should I get him a magazine while he’s at it? *munch* *munch*


Simon: Dude, why are you eating at a time like this?

Adam: Because I can, that’s why? Besides, if something happens to Adrien, I ain’t going in there.


Simon: Oh dear…

Adam: Better get moving, Mr. Janitor. *munch* *munch*

©2012 Jerry Boutot III

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