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Simon was having a relaxing day, that is until Adam broke through his wall…


Simon: *fff*

Simon: *gulp*

Simon: *sigh*

Adam: AAHH!


Simon: Adam! You broke though my wall!

Adam: Yeah, uh, sorry about that! But this is important! It’s Adrien!

Simon: Wait, what happened to Adrien?

Adam: I can’t explain right now! There’s no time!

Adam: Come on! We need to go now!

Simon: Wait Adam, hold up!

Adam: No time!

Simon: Whoa! Watch it!

Clock: Heh heh heh, no, I’m not cleaning that up.

Adam: Quick! Get in Adrien’s car! I’ll drive!

Simon: Wait, since when did you know how to drive?

Adam: Oh, like fifteen minutes ago.

Simon: Wait, what?!

Adam: Alright, here we come Adrien!

Simon: Adam! Wait!

Simon: Adam, slow down! You’re going too fast!

Adam: I can’t! Adrien’s counting on us!

Hillbilly: AAHH!

Simon: Adam, you almost ran over Mr. Hillbilly!

Adam: Doesn’t matter! Adrien is more important!

Guy: Aww, who’s a pretty black cat? Is it you? Is it you? Oh you bet it is.

Cat: *meow*

Guy: Aww, you leaving? Okay then, bye bye. See you around.

Guy: Ahh, I love cats. They’re so cute, calming, and-

Guy: *gasp*!

Guy: Is this…. Trollite?

Guy: Trollite: the rarest space rock ever to be recorded!

Guy: And it just fell right in front of me!

Guy: I’m going to become ri-

Adam: MOVE!

Guy: AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Simon: *gasp*!

Simon: Alright, that’s it! Stop this car now!

Adam: I will, as soon as we get to Adrien’s.

Adam: In fact, we’re here.

Simon: I swear Adam, this better be important.

Adam: Come on! Adrien’s inside!

Adam: Adrien! I’m back! And I got Simon with me!

Adrien: Perfect, I’ve been waiting for you two.

Simon: W…..What?

Adrien: Don’t just stand there! Get me out of this thing!

Simon: ……….Adrien, what’s going on?

Adrien: *sigh* Adam and I were trying to test out this new cannon I made, but somehow I got stuck when I inserted myself into it. Adam can’t pull me out on his own, so I told him to go get you as quickly as possible.

Adam: But, now that you’re here, we can test the cannon and shoot the first cannonball to be shot around the world and back!

Adrien: That’s right. By doing this, we’re g0nna create a whole new world record.

Simon: …So, let me get this straight. You had Adam do who knows what on his way to my home, broke through my wall and made a mess, nearly hit Mr. Hillbilly, and actually hit some one, just so I can help you shoot a cannonball around the world?

Adrien: Simon, when it comes to creating new world records, you should never let anything or anyone stand in your way.

Adam: Yeah! Shouldn’t you already know this Simon? This is baby stuff.

Adrien: Um, Simon, where are you-hey! What are you doing?! Wait, I’m still stuck in here! Simon no!


Simon: Hmph. Only went as far as his car. So much for a world record.

©2014 Jerry Boutot III

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