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Say hello to Adrien’s little friend!


Thug: Ready for the worst thrashing of your life, kid?

Simon: Do your worst, you jerk!

Adrien: Hey! You punk!

Thug: Hmm?

Adrien: So, trying to pick a fight with my friend huh? Well, guess what punk? You’re not walking away from this unharmed.

Thug: Oh, really, haha! And just how are you going to do that?

Adrien: Me? Oh no, I don’t have to do anything to you. That’s HIS job.

Adrien: Say hello to my little friend! Sick him Pipsqueak!

Thug: Pipsqueak!

Thug: Hmm?

Thug: AAAAAAHHH!!!!!!!


Simon: Adrien, what…what just happened?

Adrien: Simon, listen to me. What you say today, it never happened. Got it?

Pipsqueak: NO ONE MUST EVER KNOW… *burp*

Adrien: It’s alright Pipsqueak. He’s an exception.

Simon: *gulp*

©2012 Jerry Boutot III

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