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A lot of things can go wrong if it involves an out house.


Adrien: *whistling*

*Adrien enters out house*

Adrien: Hm? “Dog saves drunk man from being hit by a train”? Huh, wish I had a dog like that.

Adam: Finally! An out house! And not a moment to soon too!

Adam: Oh please oh please let it be unoccupied!

*Adam enters out house*

Adrien: What the heck?! Adam?!

Adam: Adrien?! Uh, this isn’t what it looks like!

Adrien: What the heck are you doing?! Get out!

Adam: Bu-Bu-But I can’t! I really need to go! I feel like I’m about to explode!

Adrien: Not in here you won’t! I’m the one using this out house, now get out!

Adam: But if I don’t go soon, I’m gonna-


*Hobo kicks out house*

Adrien/Adam: AHH!

*Out house falls over*

Hobo: In my language that means “surprise”!

Hobo: Hahahahahahahahaha!


Adrien: Oh my god! It’s every where! It’s in my hair!

Adam: Oh god! I think I’m going in shock!

Adrien: Calm down Adam! What ever you do, don’t move too much!

Adam: Uh oh… Uh, Adrien, I just remembered why I came in here…

Adrien: What? … Oh no… No! Adam! I’m warning you! Don’t you dare! Don’t you dare do that while I’m in here!

Adam: Sorry Adrien… But I can’t…uhhhh!

Adrien: NOOOOOOO!!!!!



Adrien: Oh my god! OH MY GOD! How is this possible?! It was already bad enough, but he made it worse! What the heck DID he eat?! … Oh no… It’s in my ears!


Simon: ……….I don’t even want to know.

©2014 Jerry Boutot III

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