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Adrien drags Simon and Adam to court!


Simon: *sigh* I can’t believe that you’re gonna go through with this.

Adrien: Quiet! This is something I have to do!

Adam: Seriously Adrien, this is just ridiculous.

Bailiff: All rise……

Bailiff: Heeeerrrrreeessss…..

Bailiff: Judge Tombs!

Adam: That’s…..that’s a BIG judge…..

Simon: Is that…a mallet?

Bailiff: Oh, uh, Judge Massive, I’m afraid this isn’t the courtroom you’ll be working in today. The one you’re looking for is down the fall to the left.

Massive: Oh, my mistake. Sometimes these halls all look the same to me. Aw well, carry on bailiff.

Bailiff: Ah, what a nice guy.

Simon: Wait, that was the wrong judge?

Adrien: Well….that was weird.

Adam: You know, I feel sorry for the court room that’ll have THAT judge. I mean, seriously, he was freakishly massive.

Bailiff: Ah, Judge Tombs, we’ve been expecting you.

Tombs: Apologies, I had to replace my gavel. I banged on my old one so hard that it broke!

Simon: Finally, this ridiculous trial of yours can start.

Adrien: At last….Justice!

Adam: Geez louise.

Tombs: Alright, let’s get this trial started.

Adrien: Well gents, wish me luck.

Simon: Seriously Adrien, whatever.

Tombs: Alright, will a… Mr. Hobo and Mr. Hillbilly please take the stand.

Adrien: Wait, what?

Simon: Wait a second, this isn’t your trial?

Adam: Who cares? Can I go home now?

Hobo: Shungi omba buuba tata whelca bombido!


Tombs: Order. Now, Mr. Hobo please speak in English so the court and jury can understand you. And Mr. Hillbilly, please refrain from giving anyone a Bronx cheer.

Tombs: Now then, Mr. Hobo, let’s start with you.

Hobo: Sorry your honor, I switch back to my native tongue every now and then out of habit.

Tombs: That’s fine, but please keep it in English through the rest of the trial.

Adrien: That hobo…I think I’ve seen him before…

Adam: Really? Where?

Hobo: Well, your honor, I was on my way home from work when, suddenly,

Hobo: this bombido here stole my clams! I worked hard to find them! I even named one of them Shelldon!

Bailiff: Okay, now I’ve heard everything. Horse thief, dog thief, cat thief, and now clam thief. That one’s going into the books.

Tombs: Hm hm hm, that’s for sure.

Simon: Seriously?


Adam: Hahahahahahahahahaha!

Tombs: Anyway, Mr. Hillbilly, let me hear your side of the story.

Hillbilly: Well, your honor, I was just taking a relaxing nap on my boat, when

Hillbilly: this hooligan here ran up to me, threw me off my boat and stole it!

Hobo: You lie! If there was any thievery going on, it was you who stole Shelldon from me!

Hillbilly: For the last time, I don’t have any “Shelldon.” Get that through your thick skull!

Hobo: Why I oughta-

Tombs: Order! Enough! Mr. Hobo and Mr. Hillbilly! Restrain yourselves!

Hobo: Return Shelldon to me, you bombido!

Hillbilly: And I want my boat back, you hobo!

Simon: Uh oh.

Adrien: Not good.

Adam: Um, should we leave?


Hobo: You want your boat back bombido?! Well, you can have it!


Hillbilly: And you can have your no good shell back, you hobo!

Tombs: The both of you cease this foolishness at once!

Bailiff: Shall I call in security your honor?

Hobo/Hillbilly: STAY OUT OF THIS!

Bailiff: Hey, don’t talk to the judge like that!……

Bailiff: Wait… Judge Tombs? Where did you go?

Tombs: Good luck bailiff! I’m counting on you!

Simon: Yeah, we should leave.

Adrien: Agreed.

Adam: I’ve had my laugh for today anyway.

Hobo: Say good bye to your boat, bombido!

Hillbilly: Yeah?! Well, say farewell to your precious Shelldon, hobo!

Bailiff: That’s it! You two! You’re coming with me to the station, and-

Hobo: EERR!!

Hillbilly: AAAHHH!!

Bailiff: …..Oh dear.

Simon: To think, we’re only here because some one tried to take your waffle, and we end up at the wrong trial.

Adrien: Hey, I told him to get go my eggo! It’s not my fault it escalated like that!

Adam: Thinking: Wish I brought my camera….

©2013 Jerry Boutot III

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