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Simon, Adrien and Adam need to get booster shots!


Adrien: Oh right Doc, let’s get this over with.

Needles: Oh don’t you worry now, it’ll only take a moment.

Needles: Now, just sit tight, I’ll be right back.

Adrien: *tch* Whatever.

Adrein: Thought: I can’t believe this is happening. I can’t believe I have to get a booster shot. All because of a new disease called “Adams’ Stupidity!”

Adam: ACHOO!

Simon: Bless you.

Adrien: Thought: *sigh* But I can’t really blame him for this. It’s not exactly his fault…even if he was putting his fingers into what he shouldn’t.

Simon: I still can’t believe you put your fingers into-

Adam: Shut up, Simon!

Adrien: Thought: Anyway, might as well deal with the problem now rather than later. First, we’ll get our shots, then we’ll go to lunch…which Adam will be paying from his pocket. Heheheh.

Needles: Alright, I’m back!

Adrien: *sigh* Okay then.

Adrien: Alright Doc, let’s get this over wi-

Adrien: What…is that?

Needles: Hm hm, I’m terribly sorry, but I’ve ran out of the smaller ones. Oh well, we’re just gonna have to use this one. Now then, roll up your sleeve and hold out your arm.

Adam: Adrien’s been gone for a while. You think that doctor is having his way with him?

Simon: Adam, don’t be silly. There’s no way Dr. Needles would-


Adam: Um…..that was Adrien just now, right?

Simon: ……I think it was.

Adrien: That’s…that thing’s huge!

Simon: …

Adam: …

Adrien: St-Stay away!


Simon: Seriously?

Adrien: No no no no no! Put that thing away!

Adam: Kahahahahahaahahaahahahaahahaha! This is too perfect! Hahahahahaha!

Simon: And here I though you were more mature than this.


Adam: Gah! I can’t-hahaha-take it anymore-hahaha!

Simon: Oh for goodness sake, it’s just a tiny needle, it can’t hurt that much.

Needles: There. See, it wasn’t so bad now was it?

Adrien: Hmph. Love to see how you’d like it.

Adrien: So, are we done yet Doc, or do I have to suffer more?

Needles: Oh don’t be such a Mr. Grumpy Pants, it wasn’t that bad.

Needles: Now then, let’s go get your friend Adam, and….wait, is he the one who put his fingers into-

Adrien: Yeah, uh, I’m gonna stop you right there and just say yes, he’s the reason why we’re here.

Adam: Heh…heh…heh…

Simon: Seriously, what is today? Oh yes, Tuesday.

Adrien: I’m back, and-what the heck is wrong with Adam?

Simon: He laughed himself to sleep, believe it or not.

Adrien: Uh, right… Anyway, it’s Adam’s turn.

Simon: Yeah, you might want to wait a little while, because he out of it.

Needles: Oh, I have a shot for that! It’ll get him back on his feet in no time!

Adrien: Yeah, so long as it’s not monster sized!

Simon: Why do I get the feeling this is not gonna end well?



Needles: Oh come now, it’s not that bad! I promise it’ll only take a moment.

Simon: Oh for goodness sake, it’s just a needle.

Adrien: Trust me, you won’t think so when it’s your turn.

Needles: Don’t you worry young man, you won’t feel anything.


Adrien: So, what are you reading anyway?

Simon: A news article. There’s also a warning to look out for a crazy doctor named Huge Needl-

Needles: Okay, hold out your arm now.

Adam: NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Simon/Adrien: ADAM!!!

Needles: Hey! You can’t do that to a doctor! Woah, hey, give that back! Wait, what are you doing?! Stop it, wait, no, don’t you dare!


Adam: This is the last time I go to the doctors!

Simon: Adam, are you okay?

Adam: Heck yeah I am, especially after I put my fingers right up his-

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