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Adam: And that is how Christmas became a holiday.

Adrien: Um…No Adam, that’s not true.

Adam: Oh yeah? Well then, Mr. Smart guy, enlighten me.

Adrien: First off, did you get that information from a cereal box or something?

Adrien: And secondly, I’m not having this conversation with you, let’s talk about something else.

Adam: Fine… But I know I’m right. The internet never lies after all.

Hobo: Shelldon!

Hillbilly: My boat!

Adrien: Oh, really? Do I really need to remind you of that one time when your laptop caught a virus? Why did that happen again, oh, yes, you clicked on a link that claimed you won a million dollars. One click, good buy money, hello virus.

Adam: Hey, I was hacked! Someone hacked into my laptop, that’s all!

Bailiff: Thinking: I hate my new job…

Adrien: Oh, and, that one time where you got that e-mail from your so called secret “admirer”, which turned out to be a trap for another virus!

Adam: Hacked! I was hacked again by some other hacker! They used my feelings to get into my laptop!

Johnny: Cursed popcorn power!

Adrien: Twelve hours! It took me half a day to fix your laptop! I had hoped that taught you a lesson, but nooo, you just had to keep clicking away at ads!

Adam: Hey, they were very nice ads! One of them was to help fund a cure for eye-lash disease!

Adrien: And I told you before! There is no “eye lash” disease! And finally, let’s not forget when you-

Adam: Quiet! You promised that you would never speak of it again! No one must ever know of it!

Cat: *meow*


Adam: Thinking: Censor Gun, don’t fail me now!

Adrien: Oh? Are you referring to that time when *CENSORED* the *CENSORED* and *CENSORED* *CENSORED* *CENSORED* with your *CENSORED*?

Adrien: Did you just shoot a gun while in my car?!

Adam: What are you talking about?

Adam: Thinking: Whew, that was close. Okay Adam, act cool. Act cool.

Adrien: If I out you’re lying, I’m gonna-


Adrien: Huh?

Adrien/Adam: AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!


Cow: Moo

Adam: ……Adrien?

Adrien: …Yes?

Adam: Did you get your license from a cereal box?

Adrien: ……….Maybe…..

©2014 Jerry Boutot III

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