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Simon and Adrien try to disarm a bomb!


Adrien: Red, blue or green?!

Simon: Why are you asking me?! You’re the tech expert!

Adrien: Hey, I’m a “COMPUTER” expert, not a “BOMB” expert! There’s a difference!

Simon: Fine! Just cut the red wire, it’s always the red wire in the movies!

Adrien: Okay, just hand me the scissors.

Simon: Wait, don’t you already have them?

Adrien: Uh…I thought you did…

Simon: ……………….No…


Simon+Adrien: AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Voice:  BOOM! Hah! Later suckers!

Adrien: Huh?

Simon: Wait, wha-


Adam: Guys, are you okay?! I heard an explosion and I-


Adam: Wow. I knew you guys were close, but not THAT close.

©2013 Jerry Boutot III

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