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Remember kids, don’t take untested drugs, because drugs are bad, m’kay?


Simon: Okay Adrien, will you please explain to us why we’re still here at this hour?

Adam: Yeah, and can you tell us why we’re in our pajamas? Because, if this is some kind of sleep over you have planned, then I’m leaving.

Adrien: Relax, it’s something like that, but hear me out.

Adrien: Now, I know that both you, including myself, keep waking up in the middle of the night because of our allergies.

Simon: Right, I told you this before.

Adrien: So, I took the liberty of creating a new sleeping pill, It will help you sleep at night, even if you’re suffering from your allergies.

Simon: Wait, have you even tested this pill of yours? For all you know, it could have bad side effects.

Adrien: Oh don’t worry about that. We’re going to be seeing the results very soon.

Adam: Um…why?

Adrien: Oh, I put a pill in each of your cups I gave you while eating dinner.

Simon: YOU WHAT?!

Adam: You DRUGGED us?!


Adam: No fair Simon! Let me at him! I want to knock his lights out!

Adrien: Like I said, relax. As long as the symptoms aren’t bad, then there’s nothing to worry about.

Moon: Hey down there. Heh heh, little people.

Adam: Uh…Did you guys just hear that?

Moon: Guess what? I’m coming down to visit all of ya!

Moon: Oh, we’re gonna have so much fun!

Moon: We’re gonna party till the end of time itself!

Adam: Um…you guys are seeing this too, right?

Simon: …….I think I am…

Moon: Oh! We can go to the beach and I can be used as the volley ball!

Moon: And there’ll be a mountain of chocolate pudding! Oh, it’s going to be so fun!

Adrien: ………

Adam: GRRR!

Adrien: Eheh… Oops?

Moon: Hehhehheh, I’m having fun just thinking about it!

Ten Seconds Later

Simon: Well, that takes care of that.

Adam: Yup. Seriously, I hope this teaches him a lesson.

Moon: Aww. You’re leaving already? But I haven’t even arrived yet!

Adam: *sigh* I hope this talking moon doesn’t last much longer.

Simon: Ignore it. Come on, let’s go. I’m getting tired anyway.

Moon: Okay, bye bye! See you when I crash into Earth!

Adam: Shut up, non-exsistant talking moon!

Simon: Ignore it!

The moon hums to himself and then becomes sad.

Moon: Waahh! I don’t like being alone!

Adrien: AAAHHH! It’s putrid in here!

Adrien: I can’t believe they threw me in a trash can! All because my pill makes people think the moon’s talking! I mean, compared to the side effects of other pills, this can’t be just as bad!

Moon: *gasp* Oh oh, you’re still here! That’s great!

Moon: Oh, this is perfect! Hey, as long as I’m up here, I can show you my crater collection!

Adrien: ……Perhaps there is room for improvement after all.

©2014 Jerry Boutot III

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