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Adrien’s Last Defense is not exactly used for what it was meant to be used for.


Simon: *whistle*

Simon: Hm? Wait a minute.

Simon: Don’t tell me I…

Simon: *sigh* …Great. I lost my wallet.

Simon: Oh! Wait a minute! I was just at Adrien’s place!

Simon: Hopefully, Adrien found it and is holding it for me.


Adam: Okay, I’m probably gonna regret asking, but, seriously Adrien, what is this thing?

Adrien: Well Adam, I’m glad you asked.

Adrien: You see Adam, this is actually my last defense against a certain enemy of ours.

Adam: “Of ours”? Um…and that would be?

Adrien: Who do you think? Who is it that always comes to your door unannounced? Who comes to your door to offer you treats that make you gag? I am talking about mankind’s one true enemy, and that is…

Adrien: The GIRL SCOUTS!

Adam: …….Um……Really? Adrien…I think you’re over reacting…

Adrien: They’re here! Oh no, you’re not getting me today, never again will I fall for your trap!

Adam: Thinking: ….Yup. He’s lost it.

Adrien: Okay Adam, get ready to fire this thing!

Adam: Wait, what? Why do I have to do it?

Adrien: Because the trigger is right next to you, and I want an up close look at the faces of those evil girl scouts as they get what’s coming to them.

Adam: “sigh” Fine. The sooner we do this, the sooner I can go home.

Adrien: Okay Adam, get ready to fire!

Adam: Mm-hm. Ready.

Adam: Thinking: I can’t believe that I’m about to do this. But, then again, I am curious to see what will happen.

Adrien: FIRE!

Adam: Alright, here goes!

Adam: AAHH!

Adam: Whoa…I didn’t expect it to be that loud.

Adrien: YES! Take that! Let’s see you girls scouts come back after th-

Adam: ….Uh, what’s wrong Adrien?


Adam: Wh-what? What happened?


Adam: oh my god! Simon!

Simon: Uhh… Did someone catch the license plate on that punching glove…?

Parrot: Baahh! Stupid humans! Stupid humans! Baahh!

Adam: …..You know what? It’s real sad when an animal has to point that out to you.

©2014 Jerry Boutot III

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