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Adrien has a ghost problem!


Adrien: I’m telling you man, my house is haunted by a ghost! A ghost of all things!

Simon: Dude, you’re talking about the supernatural. There are no such things as ghosts.

Adrien: I’m serious! I kid you not, an actual ghost has invaded my home!

Simon: Are: you sure you didn’t just dream up the whole thing?

Voice: Um, excuse me.

Adrien: Fine! If you won’t believe me, then you’ll just have to see it for yourself then.

Simon: Oh no, I’m not taking a single step in your house.

Voice: Um, yes, excuse me, sirs.

Adrien: What? Why not?

Simon: Dude, have you seen the inside of your house? It’s a dump! You have trash all over the place. Your house is literally a junk yard!

Voice: Thinking: Well, at least it’s a nice looking junk yard.

Adrien: What?! Okay, that’s it! My “junk yard” of a house put aside, if you won’t come willingly to believe me, then I’ll have to take you by force!

Voice: Oh dear…

Simon: You know what, since you’re so determined to prove something that doesn’t even exist, why don’t we go to your house, so I can show you that you are wro-


Adrien: Uh, Simon…are you okay?

Simon: Adrien…look behind you…

Adrien: Hmm?


Ghost: Yes, excuse me for this interruption of this “pleasant” conversation, but I’m here to return something to you.

Ghost: You forgot your wallet back at the house. And I must say, it’s a fantastic junkyard of a house.

Simon/Adrien: AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adam: Err, why did I agree to clean Adrien’s personal junk yard again?

Adam: Hm? Wait a second…

Adam: Is that a hand?!

©2013 Jerry Boutot III

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