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Never Divide by Zero
Adam Tries to prove how smart he is...... it doesn't go very well.
It Came From Above!
And it's looking for fire wood!
Monster in the Armoir
What ever you do, don't open that armoir.
He never saw it coming!
I wonder who didn't see what coming.
Return of the Moon
Guess who's back?
Needles Simon, Adrien and Adam have to get booster shots!
Theodore Adam tells a story to Adrien, but is that all it is? Just a story, or something more perhaps?
Simon's Crazy Ride! Simon was having a relaxing day, that is until Adam broke though his wall...
Adrien's Last Defense Adrien's Last Defense is not exactly used for what it was meant to be used for.
Adrien's New Pill Remember kids, don't take untested drugs, because drugs are bad, m'kay?
Joy Ride Remember! Always watch the road while driving!
The Out House Misfourtune! A lot of things can go wrong if it involves an out house.
What are we gonna do! Simon's choking, and his only hope is Adrien and Adam!
Adam's Hunger! Adam tells Adrien to cook dinner for him!
Simon's Hamster Simon's hamster kicks the bucket...
Pipsqueak Say hello to Adrien's little friend!
The Skunk! Simon and Adrien find a skunk!

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