What are we gonna do?! (Video)

Check out “What are we gonna do?!” on Youtube

Simon’s choking, and his only hope is Adrien and Adam!


Adam: Thinking: Ahh. What a wonderful day. Today, I feel like nothing can go wrong.


Adrien: *gasp* Simon!

Adam: Thinking: Then again, I’m known to be wrong most of the time!

Adam: AAHH! Simon’s choking! What are we going to do?!

Adrien: I don’t know!

Adrien: Quick! Call 911!

Adam: What’s the number?! (more…)

The Poison Oak Bandage! (Video)

Check out “The Poison Oak Bandage!” on Youtube

Adrien needs a bandage!


Adrien: Dang it, I scraped my hand. *sigh* The one time I need a bandage, and I don’t have one.

Adrien: Hm?

Adrien: Well look at that, a convenient bush with leaves. I can use one as a temporary bandage.


Simon: But Adrien! That’s poison oak!

Adrien: Oh come now! If it was poison oak, then wouldn’t I be- (more…)

Pipsqueak! (Video)

Check out “Pipsqueak!” on Youtube

Say hello to Adrien’s little friend!


Thug: Ready for the worst thrashing of your life, kid?

Simon: Do your worst, you jerk!

Adrien: Hey! You punk!

Thug: Hmm?

Adrien: So, trying to pick a fight with my friend huh? Well, guess what punk? You’re not walking away from this unharmed.

Thug: Oh, really, haha! And just how are you going to do that?

Adrien: Me? Oh no, I don’t have to do anything to you. That’s HIS job. (more…)

The Skunk! (Video)

Check out “The Skunk” on Youtube

Simon and Adrien find a skunk!


Simon: Careful Adrien, it’s a skunk!

Adrien: Relax, I got it.

Adrien: Listen up fur ball, it’s time for you to take your leave.

Simon: Wait, you’re going to talk the skunk into leaving? Oh yeah, that’ll work.

Adrien: Now come along, you little fur ball.

Simon: I don’t think that’s a good idea.


What did you expect! (Video)

Check out “What did you expect!” on Youtube

Seriously, what did you expect?


Adrien: Ha ha ha ha! What?! Did you think there was something new to see?!

Adrien: You came here for a laugh, but you know what?! You get nothing!

Adrien: Blaaaaaaaaaaahhh!

Voice: Adrien:

Simon: Don’t waste the reader’s time with crap like this! Besides, the author’s not gonna like what you’re doing, so I suggest you start the comic before he notices anything!


Adrien: This

Adrien: Is

Adrien This. (more…)

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