Return of the Moon (Video)

Check out “Return of the Moon” on Youtube

Guess who’s back?


Simon: Adrien…let me be perfectly clear…

Simon: This plan of yours…


Adrien: Oh, really? And why is that?

Simon: You really want to know? Fine, I’ll tell you.

Simon: Since when is it ever a good idea to involve the talking moon?! Especially since Adam and I are STILL suffering from the effects of your pill from month ago!

Moon: *gasp* Oh oh! You remembered me! That wonderful!

Simon: And of course, it’s still talking.

Adrien: Yes, well, if you just listen to me for a moment, I’ll gladly tell you the plan.

Adrien: You see Simon, this device here is going to silence the moon. Well, to us at least. (more…)

Needles (Video)

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Simon, Adrien and Adam need to get booster shots!


Adrien: Oh right Doc, let’s get this over with.

Needles: Oh don’t you worry now, it’ll only take a moment.

Needles: Now, just sit tight, I’ll be right back.

Adrien: *tch* Whatever.

Adrein: Thought: I can’t believe this is happening. I can’t believe I have to get a booster shot. All because of a new disease called “Adams’ Stupidity!”

Adam: ACHOO!

Simon: Bless you.

Adrien: Thought: *sigh* But I can’t really blame him for this. It’s not exactly his fault…even if he was putting his fingers into what he shouldn’t.

Simon: I still can’t believe you put your fingers into- (more…)

Simon’s Crazy Ride! (Video)

Check out “Simon’s Crazy Ride” on Youtube

Simon was having a relaxing day, that is until Adam broke through his wall…


Simon: *fff*

Simon: *gulp*

Simon: *sigh*

Adam: AAHH!


Simon: Adam! You broke though my wall!

Adam: Yeah, uh, sorry about that! But this is important! It’s Adrien!

Simon: Wait, what happened to Adrien? (more…)

Adrien’s Last Defense (Video)

Check out “Adrien’s Last Defense” on Youtube

Adrien’s Last Defense is not exactly used for what it was meant to be used for.


Simon: *whistle*

Simon: Hm? Wait a minute.

Simon: Don’t tell me I…

Simon: *sigh* …Great. I lost my wallet.

Simon: Oh! Wait a minute! I was just at Adrien’s place!

Simon: Hopefully, Adrien found it and is holding it for me. (more…)

Adrien’s New Pill (Video)

Check out “Adrien’s New Pill” on Youtube

Remember kids, don’t take untested drugs, because drugs are bad, m’kay?


Simon: Okay Adrien, will you please explain to us why we’re still here at this hour?

Adam: Yeah, and can you tell us why we’re in our pajamas? Because, if this is some kind of sleep over you have planned, then I’m leaving.

Adrien: Relax, it’s something like that, but hear me out.

Adrien: Now, I know that both you, including myself, keep waking up in the middle of the night because of our allergies.

Simon: Right, I told you this before.

Adrien: So, I took the liberty of creating a new sleeping pill, It will help you sleep at night, even if you’re suffering from your allergies.

Simon: Wait, have you even tested this pill of yours? For all you know, it could have bad side effects. (more…)

Joy Ride (Video)

Check out “Joy Ride” on Youtube

Remember! Always watch the road while driving!


Adam: And that is how Christmas became a holiday.

Adrien: Um…No Adam, that’s not true.

Adam: Oh yeah? Well then, Mr. Smart guy, enlighten me.

Adrien: First off, did you get that information from a cereal box or something?

Adrien: And secondly, I’m not having this conversation with you, let’s talk about something else.

Adam: Fine… But I know I’m right. The internet never lies after all.

Hobo: Shelldon!

Hillbilly: My boat! (more…)

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